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Fort Bushcare

These excellent and informative newsletters are produced by the John Lahey of the Fort Rd Bushcare Group.  To view the most recent editions of these professional-looking newsletters, click here.


pdf FortBushland November2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland October2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland September2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland July2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland April2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland March2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland February2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland January2008 Popular

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pdf FortBushland December2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland November2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland October2007 Popular

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pdf Fort Bushland September2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland August2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland July2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland June2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland May2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland April2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland March2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland February2007 Popular

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pdf FortBushland January2007 Popular

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Latest News

Our Latest News


Global warmingOur end of year celebrations were held on Sunday 2 December 2018 8.30 to 11.30am at Pooh Corner.

The highlight was the excellent display of native animals from Geckos Wildlife.  The highlight of all the highlights was a very friendly wombat.



Save the trees from deer damage with knitted tree protectors !

 Feral deer often strip the bark off native trees in urban bushland and also off street trees around Brisbane. 

Jindalee Bushcare Group, which restores large areas of the Mount Ommaney Bushland Reserve, is putting
knitted protectors around trees whose trunks have been partially stripped by feeding deer. This is to
prevent further damage to the trees and to save them from being completely ringbarked which would kill
them. So far, this experiment has been successful!
There are so many affected trees, that the group would  appreciate some help in knitting the protectors.
Get out your yarn left over from knitting winter  and start knitting! Or you can crochet…

  pdf For further information and to download the simple knitting pattern, please click here. (852 KB)