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There's a wealth of information available for download from our website.  Here's where you can find our brochures and general information sheets.  


Browse through back copies of our newsletters going back to 2006.  Many of the topics covered are every bit as relevant today as when they were first published.  Our hard-working editor, Vaughan Kippers, has prepared a comprehensive index of all the newsletter articles.  If you'd like to find a particular article, or maybe get an idea of the range of topics covered, simply click on this link to view the index.

Pseudarenthamum variable 'Love flower'

We have chosen to make available many of the newsletters published by the Fort Road Bushcare Group whose convenor, John Lahey, is a great source of information.  John is the long-time editor and principal contributor for their newsletter.  

Over the years we have had many interesting guest speakers at our public meetings.  We hold four such meetings a year.  Some of our guests' presentations have been made available as .pdf downloads.  Access them from this page.

This too is the page which allows you to access documents relating to our most recent Annual General Meeting and to current and past years of the annual President's report.

Interested in becoming a CDEA member and supporter?  Simply click on this link and download the form.

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