Brisbane City Council (BCC) operates the Habitat Brisbane community bushcare volunteer program which supports over 160 Habitat Brisbane groups. These volunteer groups engage in hands-on conservation efforts protect and enhance habitat and biodiversity in bushland, parks, wetlands and waterways across Brisbane.  To learn more about the Habitat Brisbane bushcare program and to find bushcare groups in other areas of Brisbane click here.

To find a bushcare group in our local area check the map and details below.

If you would like to find out more about our groups, or to make contact with one of our groups, please contact the Jamboree Ward office on 3407 7000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Jindalee Bushcare Group 

Jindalee Bushcare Group was formed in 1996. Since then, our group of friendly volunteers has carried out extensive planting and has cleared large areas of invasive weeds, thus maintaining a habitat for many birds, animals and plants.

Jindalee Bushcare logo
Coffee bush

Coffee bush

Wolston  Creek Bushland Group

Feel free to join us for some nature therapy and light hearted banter at our monthly working bee:

-Start at 7.30 am every fourth Sunday of the month. 

-For those who are keen and available we also have a weekly working bee every Tuesday from 7am.

We meet at the shipping container between Riverpoint Blvd entrance and Sumners Road entrance.

Fort Road Bushcare Group 

The Fort Bushland Reserve Bush Care Group meets at the Picnic Ground on the first Sunday of every month from 8am to 10am. The weekday weeders group meets every Thursday from 8am to 10am. All are welcome...

Hairy pittosporum

Hairy pittosporum



Westlake Riverhills Bushcare Group

This bushcare group was originally established in 1993 and initiated the bushland rehabilitation work in the riverfront bushland of Westlake and Riverhills. The bushcare group now works along the Coucal Trail, in Barcoorah Street Park, and aims to restore the area by removing invasive weed species and replanting with local native species. This is an important area for habitat and a popular walking spot with locals. For more information, email the group leader, Nicole Johnson. 

Brisbane lily

Horizon Drive Bushcare Group

Since November 2007 the Horizon Bushcarers have focused on the 3.2 hectare site along Horizon Drive, opposite the Peter Lightfoot Oval.
The site, saved from high density housing in 2007, is not only a well preserved forest remnant but is believed to be the home to a group of koalas.

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