For anyone interested in our environment here are some very handy resources

Wolston and Centenary Catchments (WaCC)

 Wolston and Centenary Catchments Inc (WaCC) is a not-for-profit organisation working to protect and enhance the natural environment within and around Wolston and Centenary Catchments. As a lead community organisation for local conservation initiatives, WaCC works closely with partners and volunteers in projects such as creek restoration, biodiversity surveys and nature appreciation walks. WaCC also offers capacity-building opportunities for members and volunteers.

Atlas of Living Australia

The Atlas of Living Australia is a national initiative focused on making Australia's biodiversity information more accessible and usable online. It is a partnership between CSIRO, Australian museums, herbaria and other biological collections, and the Australian Government.  the website contains a huge amount of information about our plant and animal species, and is fully searchable.  It is particularly useful for finding all the plant and animal species which have been recorded within a nominated radius of any Australian street address.

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Brisbane Rainforest and Information Network (BRAIN)

Brisbane Rainforest and Information Network - BRAIN focuses mainly on rainforest regeneration and rehabilitation at a number of locations around Brisbane. This website too contains links to a number of useful and relevant fact sheets and special articles. entrance.

Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee

Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee - B4C is a very active organisation with an interesting and informative website.

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Family Bushwalks in Southeast Queensland

What is it?
A colourful, detailed guidebook packed with hundreds of shorter, easier, more accessible family-friendly bushwalks throughout South East Queensland.
The First Edition sold out its print run of 2,500 copies during 2016, making the book a local bestseller. There is now a second edition with an added Toowoomba chapter.

Greening Australia

Greening Australia - works in partnership with landholders, the community, Government and business to tackle environmental degradation in a practical, apolitical scientific way. This comprehensive website contains much useful information. The Queensland factsheets are especially relevant.

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Habitat Brisbane

Run under the auspices of the Brisbane City Council, the Habitat Brisbane program helps community groups restore natural habitats in parks, remnant bushland, wetlands and along waterways.

Habitat Brisbane groups also help to protect, monitor and increase native flora and fauna populations, especially rare and threatened species. The groups' tasks include:
removing weeds and rubbish
establishing native plants
reporting new sightings of wildlife including squirrel gliders, koalas, wallabies, microbats and boobook owls
reducing illegal dumping through community awareness and education
improving the attractiveness of natural areas for visitors
drawing people together to create an increased sense of community.

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Native Plants Queensland

Native Plants Queensland is a non-professional organisation that is open to anyone interested in studying, growing and conserving Australian plants. Their motto is 'Cultivation, Conservation, Education'.

They hold regular meetings, providing members with the opportunity to meet and exchange information. Attendees also bring plant and flower specimens to share with the group. Speakers are invited to present various topics of interest. An Annual General Meeting is held in April for the Queensland Region, and between January and March for branches.
They also arrange various excursions and garden visits to see plants in their natural habitat and in cultivation, thus providing the opportunity to learn about different aspects of our native flora.

Paten Park Native Nursery

Located at 57 Paten Road The Gap, this is the nearest nursery to the Centenary Suburbs which specialises in native plants
Paten Park Native Nursery is a not-for-profit, community organisation specialising in the indigenous plant species of south-east Queensland.
Their purpose is to protect and restore the ecological values of south-east Queensland habitats by returning locally indigenous plants to the landscape.
Prices are very reasonable, but do note that they are closed on Mondays.
Phone: (07) 3300 6304.

We are passionate about the environment, and we hope that you are too.