Cliveden Reserve Bushcare Group was formed in 1995.   We work at the eastern end of Cliveden Avenue, Corinda.  We work to restore the bushland in the vicinity of Oxley Creek by managing the weed burden and encouraging natural regeneration.

There is a refreshing walk of 2 km around this pocket of Oxley Creek, which gives a sense of being far away from the city – from Cliveden Avenue to Renora St and then across parkland back to Cliveden Avenue.



When do we meet?

Our working bees are on the first Saturday of the month starting at 8.00 am in summer and 8.30 am in winter.   We follow that with a pleasant morning tea.

Where do we meet?

We meet at the eastern end of Cliveden Ave, Corinda and then move to the spot chosen for work that day.  

What do I need to bring?

Wear cover-up clothes, a hat and closed shoes.  Bring personal drinking water bottle if you want it by your side when working.  If you have favourite gloves and digging tools, bring them too.   However, there is drinking water (and tea/coffee) at morning tea, and tools and gloves are available for your use.    

  For further information, please contact Carole on 3379 1453 or email her.