Help save the bushland trees from deer damage with Tree Protectors! 

Every Winter FERAL DEER eat the bark off native trees in urban bushland and suburban street trees around Brisbane.

Jindalee Bushcare Group, in conjunction with Centenary and District Environment Action, has been putting knitted tree protectors on trees along Wilsons Walkway, Mount Ommaney where tree trunks have been partially stripped by feeding deer. The tree protectors save the trees from being completely ringbarked which would kill them.

Deer have some favourite trees and tree protectors are being put on these as well.

Since the deer arrived in Mount Ommaney Bushland Reserve in 2000 they have eaten all the native grasses and ground cover plants, and undesirable woody weeds have taken over. However, the deer are fussy and don’t like these so have been eating the bark off bushland trees and moving into suburban gardens to forage.

Width - 10, 60 or 70cm

Length - about 70cm

Ties - about 30cm long at 50cm spacing

1.    Yarn – any type and any colours, but preferably not too bright. Use up your scraps!

2.    Either knit or crochet, any stitch.

3.    Finished size – about 20, 60 or 70 cms wide by about 70 cms long.

4.    Attach lengths of plaited or crocheted yarn about 30 cms long at 15 cm centres along the long edges to tie the Tree Protector onto the tree.

5.    Please leave finished Tree Protectors at Cr Sarah Hutton’s office:

Shop 146A Mount Ommaney Centre, 171 Dandenong Road

Mount Ommaney 4074  Ph: 3407 7000

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